Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yesterday's spontaneity is today's regrets.

Yesterday, in a spontaneous moment of caffeine fuelled excitement, I peroxided half of my head "blonde"...
I am pretty sure its all part of my reluctance to grow up.
As I only half completed the style I am going for (which will look pretty cool when finished), all day, I have been strolling around like a yellow beacon of idiocy, held target to primary school children's torments. (I'm working in a primary school)
One positive is that the yellow really complimented the bright red of my cheeks that were the result of knowing so many eyes were on me all day. I am obviously not as attention seeking as I used to be, regardless of what the hair would suggest.

'Song X', the last track of my E.P that I wrote about last week *read below* is half written.
Its lyric is about appreciating how valuable time is. The production will be stripped, yet anthemic, with plenty of gang vocals in the chorus for the hook - a MUST for 'anthems' I think.
I aim to give you the lyrics and perhaps a little video performance of it by next week, but I'll make no promises, as I have no idea how much attention my audacious hair requires.
Oh and I'm considering a name change for RWD.