Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yesterday's spontaneity is today's regrets.

Yesterday, in a spontaneous moment of caffeine fuelled excitement, I peroxided half of my head "blonde"...
I am pretty sure its all part of my reluctance to grow up.
As I only half completed the style I am going for (which will look pretty cool when finished), all day, I have been strolling around like a yellow beacon of idiocy, held target to primary school children's torments. (I'm working in a primary school)
One positive is that the yellow really complimented the bright red of my cheeks that were the result of knowing so many eyes were on me all day. I am obviously not as attention seeking as I used to be, regardless of what the hair would suggest.

'Song X', the last track of my E.P that I wrote about last week *read below* is half written.
Its lyric is about appreciating how valuable time is. The production will be stripped, yet anthemic, with plenty of gang vocals in the chorus for the hook - a MUST for 'anthems' I think.
I aim to give you the lyrics and perhaps a little video performance of it by next week, but I'll make no promises, as I have no idea how much attention my audacious hair requires.
Oh and I'm considering a name change for RWD.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

E.P chat

I've written far fewer songs this past year than usual, due to a serious lack of proactivity, and at times, enthusiasm. I could probably count the songs I've written from this past year, on two hands only. A real decline from previous years, where even though the majority might not have been good enough, I'd be able to boast needing an army of hands to count my songs.
Its been a confusing year to say the least regarding my music.
For the past few months I have been working on a new E.P and it is very nearly finished.
Its direction is completely different from 'Tangled in wires' - my previous collection of songs.
It's dark, intense, and at times anthemic. The production is still dense with sounds, but they are new, interesting and powerful, saturated in reverbs and delays to simulate a sense of space.
So far, there are 4 tracks that are finished AND mixed, and until last week only needing to be mastered. However I have decided to write and record a new track to conclude the E.P, (I'll call this track 'Song X' for the time being). The reason being is that I needed a clear, lead track to promote the E.P, and I just can not choose from the 4 completed songs.
The E.P is going to be called "bĂȘte noire" - (A work in progress.)
The artwork is being done by a VERY talented artist called Jack Boutwood, which I'm very excited about.
The track listing is as follows:
1. Song X
2. Caged
3. Infinity
4. Fortunes
5. Origami

Hopefully this will be the new kick start RWD needs, I really hope NEED you to like it.
I'll blog about Song X as it develops.