Friday, 30 September 2011

What a slide!

Caught Ben Howard on a music channel a few weeks back and at first I thought his voice sounded a little like Ray Lamontagne's. I prefer Ben's though. The preview of his album sounds cracking, look forward to buying it. 

Blogging Newbie

So I have decided to start blogging. I think ill keep my blogs short and to the point, not embellishing them with any pretentious language that reflects the profound education that my parent's good dollar paid for... No, no, that's not me at all... Im actually a Uni dropout.

Ill be writing about my musical endeavors, progress, and failings. Hopefully less of the latter.
Reviewing and sharing some of the best and worst music I find, and just general chat about the life of a struggling producer who loves football and coffee.

I will try and blog every Tuesday evening, and if there are any more, it will be because I am not writing enough music!

Blog off. -oooh yea thats gooooood.